Saturday, October 25, 2014

Can't even remember what movie this was - Outbreak maybe...

and I went to the post office and saw this...

I had to make 150 copies of something and the machine stopped on me - guess how many copies were made... 126.  I swear I am not making this up. I mean, that's super weird - isn't it?

I went to that Japanese place in the mall and got take out and my order number was 126...

...and a few weeks later I got two orders for me and The Dad and the amount was 12..60.

This ambulance I was behind... look at the number on the door. 612. Come on. ;-)

Today would have been my parents 45th wedding anniversary.  They only made it to 24. She died 2 months before their 25th.

I swear I have PTSD every time I see that number - 24. One of the last texts I got from a certain someone said thanks for wasting the last 24 years of my life.  Another string of words I don't think I'll ever get over.

Over half our lives of good times and bad to come down to that one sentence.

They say sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.

I'm not so sure about that. ;-(

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