Friday, October 10, 2014

So Chrissy and I opted out of our normal less crowded Friday Ligonier Days today... I'm starting to get nervous about all this stuff in storage and feel like I need to take advantage of the days I have off so we decided to go back to storage and work there.

I asked if we could eat first and she said no.  Actually - NO!  We were worried about rain and wanted to get as much done as we could. Last week it did rain a little and we were scrambling to get everything back in. Turns out she had second thoughts because she knows how I am when I get hangry so she brought snacks - we set up a little lunch table before we got started and dined al fresco.

She even brought dessert - Take 5 bars and cookies from dinner last night at Hoffstots.

Our friend Steve, the care taker, had to be laughing his ass off watching us on surveillance cameras while we sat there eating and coming up with a plan of attack for all the bins.

There is a method to this... whatever is going in is going to be there for god knows how long so it's going to get buried.  There has to be a little thought as to what is/isn't going to be accessible. It's not just moving stuff from one unit to another. She is an expert stacker.  Like mad skills.  She really should be a consultant for hoarders.  I think she has a niche market there.  It would be a good business.

We did make some progress... It's like a giant puzzle trying to use all available space which I'm, admittedly, terrible at.  I don't have a photo of the one side but she stacked a bunch of wood items... it looks like an art installation. We had to pretty much take everything out and get what was in the back of one unit and bring it to the other. It looked good for awhile...

By the time we were ready to leave, though, they were pretty much full again...

We're getting there.  See you soon, storage items.

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