Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I FINALLY found my footie cup in a box here at the house.  I remember getting it from Dixon House and I thought I put it in one of my craft cupboards for safe keeping but I've been searching for it and couldn't find it.  I just recently found it in a box in the garage.  I have a good way of losing things when I think I'm putting it away for safe keeping.  Anyway, I have it and I am so happy. I really thought I lost it or threw it away by mistake. My footie cup has been through a lot with me.  I yelled at  Denise once (may she rest in peace) for drinking vodka out of it when we were in college.  It was only for dry cheerios - my favorite snack. NOTHING ELSE GOES IN MY FOOTIE CUP - ONLY CHEERIOS. ;-)

When we were at Hannastown I was admiring this guy for sale...

A brother from another mother! He was a different color than mine.  I never saw another one before.  I was going to get it but didn't want mine to get mad. ;-)   I chatted with the guy selling it for awhile - he was asking me all kinds of questions about it since I told him I had one.  I think it's late 70s early 80s. He thought it was from a video game but I don't think so. I did a little research on them and found this photo on Pinterest...

What? There's a f-ing bowl!!!  None are available but I even found a photo of an orange one!

Made in USA (Elizabeth, NJ) by Deka Plastics.

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