Friday, July 17, 2015

I, admittedly, have the cellar a disaster - as you can see from this picture…

Last night, around 3 am, I was downstairs moving everything because Tom, the plumber, was coming over early in the morning to fix some things upstairs.  I also wanted him to move the hose faucet on the porch down a little bit - it wasn't a necessary fix, it just bothered me where it was… Anyway, he needed to get back behind the shelf so I had to pull everything out.  If it wasn't for that extra request I never would have found the green bag!

Chrissy and I have been looking for this damn thing for over a year - maybe longer.  The green bag contained the old GPS.  The last time we used it was to see Lizzie a couple trips ago. It's been a running joke that it's been lost for so long.  We looked in that spot a hundred times and never saw it.  I'm assuming it was on the bin and when I moved it it fell in between there… IDK - but I know we looked there a bunch of times. It's a miracle.

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