Friday, July 31, 2015

First of all, who the fuck planned this stupid liberty mile race?  I had a trip tonight to The Benedum. Our driver was stuck... I was jumping out of the bus yelling at the police.... Chrissy had called me earlier at work to tell us the roads were going to be blocked but I didn't think it was going to be that bad - I  had her on the phone with a map trying to get us around town… We finally just stopped and wheeled everyone a couple blocks.

4 minutes to run the stupid mile and 40 minutes to drive it. Stupid.

Even though we missed the first 15 minutes or so all my peeps enjoyed themselves.
I usually love Millennials but a few of them were annoying the hell out of me tonight. On our hike to the show a couple (drunk) ones were goo goo gaa gaa-ing as were walking down the street - telling the ladies they looked so cute and just weirdness. I wanted to punch someone.  At intermission there were a few show-goers talking about their seats and referring to "ORCH CENT" and  other weird terms and then one said - I thought there was supposed to be 80s music in here. I haven't heard any yet. I never appreciated being with a bunch of old people more in my life. I'm pooped.

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