Sunday, July 19, 2015

We ordered last night and the restaurant didn't know what to do with itself.  Really - there's  7 of us. Try 30+ cheesesteaks at the beach, Deep Creek. Get with it. They were laughing because we had a box. Really? Does no one order take out here?

In my packing stupor I forgot aprons. WTF, G?   The Dad had to cook in his bib my co-worker made him - well, clothing protector as we say at work.

He made sauce and we had our lake tradition - Sharon's yummy chick pea and parsley dish…

It is national ice cream day so, in true activity professional fashion, I set up an ice cream bar…

…and we had banana splits.

Carey let The Bud lick her bowl!

Then she got snuggles from the kids.

She's not really around kids all that much - just old people. She loved playing with them and, obviously, doesn't have a problem being petted. ;-)

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