Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chrissy called and said there was a sale we needed to go to.  Now that she's all fancy with a new iPhone, she sent me this picture…

I really should have stayed put and did laundry and caught up on things since we just got back but what did I do?  Went junking.

She and Ted and Cara and I were off…  It's that place on the side of the road we've passed a million times.

We stopped at the Jonnet Flea Market first and I got a few good things. This mini toaster to go with my mini phone - the toaster is actually a salt and pepper shaker. 
I'm always on the hunt for religious figures and I found these two… $2 (left) from an old convent and $1(right) for the other. 
This was kind of weird and disturbing… 
...on that chair is a bird. We weren't sure if it was stuck on it or stuck on the rope but I was freaking. The poor thing is going to be many miles from his friends and family. Uggh.  I wish I would have screamed out the window! 

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