Thursday, July 9, 2015

Aunt Joyce and I met my co-worker Cindy at the St. John's festival - really to go to the new to you sale.  I got some good stuff…  a tape measure for my purse and a book for one of the residents of the story we did for our first book club… a 1969 Game of Pittsburgh… a little coin purse, a wax mold and a flower candle holder…

I've really been into tin things lately… I passed on a little toolbox since I have quite a few but did get these guys.  Old first aid kit (which the dad had to point out that we had two downstairs.) I don't care - this was a little older and it still smells like bandaids.

Also this microscope case… which I later saw had the parts inside - complete with shrimp eggs. I just liked the tin so the inside stuff was a bonus.

I still feel bad because I kind of took this from Aunt Joyce - she saw it first.

Yes.  It's a shoe trying on bench.  I don't know what to call it!  She couldn't decide if she wanted it or not and I didn't want anyone else to get it (though I don't think anyone really wanted it) - Take a look at this beauty. 15 bucks.  Heavy as hell. I carried it through the church grounds to the car while it was raining. People wouldn't even get out of my way.  Rude Catholics.

This may be my favorite thing.  A little key fob holder thing - complete with keys which also includes a key to heaven (wonder if it works) and a couple religious medals.  I do a drama club at work. After, I've been doing an exercise with vintage photos - everyone kind of talks out what's going on in the picture and then we read the story that was created with all their thoughts - sometimes it makes sense - sometimes it's just wacky but it gets them thinking and I think this would be good - something to pass around and touch - what are the keys for ? Who did they belong to? What's inside the thing that the key opens? Not bad for 25 cents.

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