Saturday, December 12, 2015

I don't know what I'm doing with electronic stuff. I'm up to my ears in computer questions. I'm just hoping for the best - I know there are updates and stuff I have to do and I keep ignoring everything. Browsers… operating systems - are they the same thing? I don't know. Whatever. The modem went or the airport, I think, and I've just been ignoring it. Chrissy came over and dragged me to Comcast today. On a saturday?!  She's crazy. Anyway, I was a nervous wreck but she got everything working and changed his monitor to Cara's old one and everything… now he can get back on and check the lottery - which is the only thing he does and both of them can rest easy.
After all the computer work we got Cara and went to Mad Mex for the Festivus Burrito. It was Chrissy's choice which is unusual - she hates mad mex  but since she had the gobberlito for the first time this year she thought we needed to get this.  Dark picture but you get the idea… it was ok. Needed something sweet… baby ramekin of baked apples maybe - or sweet potato casserole??? Just saying. It was good though.
Then, begrudgingly, we did some Christmas shopping… I was so annoyed I didn't even want my hot fudge sundae snack.
We went to eat n park for late night breakfast and headed back.  I was in the car and this song came on and and I thought what the heck channel is 119… I didn't realize it was actually the time and I still wasn't  even back to the house yet… we were out for like 14 hours. 
Anyway, I'm tired and questioning why the universe is throwing all this shit in my face?! ;-)  Goodnight, G.

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