Friday, December 4, 2015

Chrissy and I went to Ligonier again today. The goal was to get up there and then eat. We made it to the little strip mall on 22 right before where you turn at the Sheetz. We didn't make it too far!

Look what this place has on the menu… my all time favorite meal - pork chops and applesauce.

I hope when you read that you said it like Peter Brady. ;-)

We got breakfast, though. I'll have to try the pork chops some other time. Maybe they have it at their Blairsville restaurant.

Photo op - one of my favorite Roadside Giants. Bonus for the truck.

Anyway, we have a tendency to say things that make us appear, more and more, to be a couple. It's actually really hilarious. We will be in a store and say something and just look at each other and crack up. We've been seeing these glass ornament sets everywhere of a bride and groom and other wedding related items and I finally asked the shop girl if we could get them with two brides. She totally thought it was for "us."

Not that there's anything wrong with being a girl couple. We love lesbians!

Anyway, it was a lovely day until I saw this bird in the last store we entered.

I liked its colors and thought it would be good in a spring display. I turned it around and saw that saying. "Love grows." Chrissy was in another room and came in where I was and saw my look of trepidation. She asked what was wrong as I stood there holding the bird kind of paralyzed. I told her I liked it but couldn't get it because of what it said.

She, of course, was like why the fuck not?

Well, bitch, I'm divorced. My love didn't grow.

She went into a whole big thing about how it didn't have to be romantic love… blah, blah, blah.

Thanks, Dr. Chris. Bitch. ;-)

I bought the bird.

I feel like a hypocrite, though.

This is never going to be ok with me.


I may try to paint over it but I think it's pretty well etched in there so you would still see the letters. I guess I could decoupage over it. I don't know. It will probably just sit in a bag for a couple years until I forget about it.

We stopped at the Tavern for dinner… here's another thing I always get if it's on the menu. A Cuban Sandwich.

The Diamond looked pretty. I always think of Denise when I'm up there. God, how long has it been since she died?

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