Thursday, December 31, 2015

I had to work today. We had a great polka band and everyone had a good time.

We did a countdown to the new year around 4:00 pm and we cleaned up for the last time in 2015.

The Dad and I had sausage two ways.

Funny story - he was in the kitchen tending to his (on the left) and I went in to get changed and put my after school clothes on. I hear him screaming saying that we almost lost mine (on the right)  - HE WAS STANDING RIGHT OVER THEM. Somehow he was blaming me for them burning (which they didn't) and started shaking his bull dog head about it. So, we ended 2015 arguing which is pretty much how the whole year has been. ;-)

I continued cooking most of the night and getting things ready for tomorrow. DiGioia's were over Bobby and June's and Sue commandeered Chrissy's phone and was asking me about when Mum was in the hospital… I had completely forgotten about some things and then it all came back to me and I could picture myself in that little lounge. It's funny how one little memory can take you right back. And, thanks Sue, now I want almond torte! ;-)

Chrissy called when she got home and and we rang in the new year over the phone with The Dad as we've done the past few years.

I still do the money and the bread thing… I don't do the blonde or dark haired person and the door thing… Honestly, I can't remember what the whole deal was with all of that. With Glo the way she is, I'll never know.

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