Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Look how cute these guys are - from the Verona GE.

My thumb has been so bad that I'm dropping things all the time. Guess what I dropped as soon as I got in the garage. Yes… the reindeer cupcakes. I had to go back to the store and get another pack. We were celebrating Rev. Bill's birthday and I couldn't give him smashed deer.

I also orchestrated a cookie exchange for my department. I should have thought about this more. I don't really like cookies all that much and I don't like baking them either! I originally was going to make this one that Cara's bro likes but I thought it looked too much like a brownie so I went with the good old DiGioia favorite -  Spritz. I f-ed up something because it just wasn't working out. I ended up throwing everything down the sink.

I was about two minutes from just leaving again and going to Eat N Park and buying everyone a package of the snowman smiley cookies when I decided I should just go with The Dad's biscotti. I mean if you hate making cookies you might as well just make one that you have to bake three times. It all turned out well in the end after I had to go to the store, yet again, while the first batch was baking to get oil…

 Note to self... Be a little more prepared next time. OK?  The cupcakes were a big hit.  The chocolate fudge icing was delish.

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