Saturday, December 5, 2015

Chrissy and I went out with her friend Sally today. It was the 1824 Walker Farmhouse open house. She is very big into primitive pieces and we told her we would take her there.

We went to lunch at The Twisted Thistle. I got the beet salad. There were 1000 beets on it. Seriously, I lost count - way too many beets.

Sally had to get home after lunch so Chrissy and I went into Scottdale.   We had no idea it was their holiday parade. She went in one of the stores while I watched the parade...

...and waited for Santa!

I always ask the townsfolk where THEY like to go to eat. They always apologize to us and say there's nothing fancy in town and we have to go into the whole thing about how we don't really like "fancy" and we'd prefer a diner or some mom and pop shop. NO CHAINS. Do we really look so fancy? I mean - if they would see Chrissy's traveling gear… All the expensive bags and totes she has and she has all our small town info in individual friggin Ziplocs for Christ's sake. It's embarrassing.

We ended up here…

I questioned if we were in the right parking lot and not in someone's driveway but after looking at the house it seemed to be abandoned.

A couple people told us about the place…

Seriously, any place that has a handwritten special list is okay in my book.

It was darling. It had 9 booths and a counter.

ALL but two people around us got the special. Look at this. It's so pretty I almost cried.

It was so good I considered renting this house so I could be closer.

All that for about the price of my two storage units!!! I'm hoping it wasn't the "abandoned" house we parked in front of. ;-)

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