Friday, December 11, 2015

I cashed in my piggy bank…

ok - like the jelly beans in a container - guess how much was in it?

Were you close?

Chrissy, Cara and I went to Jeanette to hit a few antique stores… I think we are finally getting Cara into this. Maybe!? She's still hesitant to touch anything and usually has a look of disgust on her face but I think she actually ended up buying the most out of all of us today!  We asked the locals where we should eat and this was one of the places that was recommended.

Since that's my mother's maiden name we went with that one!

My boss keeps telling us to get the cupcakes and every time we go they are out so we stopped at Rodney's early and just ran in to get them to go...

More shopping at L & L Fleatique…  Isn't this adorable?

I didn't get it. It was $65 I think. Would love to do this with my grandmother's old ornaments and houses if I ever get into the closet in the game room…

I didn't get these either but awww. The mickey mouse ice cube trays!


PS - lily approves the cupcakes.

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