Friday, September 17, 2010



I've been going through some of my old toys - sorting through memories of long ago. The thing that first popped into my head was whether or not this stuff was safe... I worry so much now about everything toxic yet 30-40 years ago I was probably sucking on a ton of lead paint, never wore a helmet while bike riding, didn't wear a seat belt... you know normal life back then. It's definitely been a trip down memory lane. I have pretty much everything I ever had. I LOVED this elephant - do you remember these??? You pushed on the bottom and they "danced."

I found this suitcase of people...
I gasped and wanted to instantly separate them into appropriate baggies - mcdonald's people here... little people there... but I resisted since they've been living happily together for some time now.

I got on ebay and saw that someone was selling this for $180+

Hello Mr Potato Head!

Hotel... Motel...
I'm still trying to figure out what my favorite toy was... This Holiday Inn was well used! What was your favorite childhood toy?

I completely forgot about these but as soon as I rediscovered them it all came back to me... I wonder if I like ladybugs so much because of this favorite:

and I LOVE LOVE LOVED this puzzle!

MOO with me!

This goes W-A-Y back. I looked it up and it was produced between 1972-1977

I could go on and on... This doesn't even scratch the surface. I'll post more photos later. I found my tire swing and inch worm and baton and pogo stick... the Barbie townhouse and pool and bathtub and so many other accessories... I didn't even go through the Barbie dolls or games yet.

I don't have anyone to pass these down to or share them with (I'll admit I spent a couple nights in the closet crying over that) but it was fun to go through them again. I probably should have gotten rid of everything since I need the room but I couldn't do it. They were taken out, cleaned off, photographed, re-binned and put away again - for awhile at least.

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