Monday, September 20, 2010


Today is Lily's second birthday... she wanted to sleep in this morning - as usual.

But the smell of cupcakes was too much for her to take.

Finally got the ice cream cone cupcake pan to work!

We went outside to play... I have the first time she peed as a two year old and all the other fun stuff documented but I figured I should probably spare you the details. Here she is reminding me a little too much of RoseBud. ♥

First lunch as a two year old... ;-) I'll stop.

After lunch, we tried to go to the dog park...

... but the gate was locked. (I'm starting to wonder if there was a different gate we missed because what's up with those large branches blocking the bottom of the fence???) Sorry guy I probably got in trouble by calling to complain. ;-)

We drove around for a little - which was just as much fun and then we went home and played in the yard again... Lily had her workout clothes on so we figured she should get some exercise...

Then we went inside to get dinner ready. Lily doesn't really have a "favorite" meal yet... she hasn't had too many meatballs (like RoseBud) and she turned her nose up in the air when I suggested MY favorite (pork chops and applesauce) so we had this favorite:

Then came cake... Let them eat (cup)cake(s)!

It's my Birthday... It's my Birthday...


We had our usual photo session... Most of the time she looked like this:
So enthused, huh??? I did manage to get a couple good ones, though. You can see a few more by clicking here. She's such a good puppy dog.

Here she is at ONE!

and at TWO!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILY BUD. Lots of Love today and always! ♥♥♥

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