Tuesday, September 14, 2010



1. Did you know they make tablets to wash your washing machine? I bought them. They work pretty good.

2. Totally want this sink in the bathroom at Costco.

3. I hope that if there is a natural disaster I need to know about or a mandatory mass evacuation they break into the Food Network or the new Cooking channel. If not, I'm doomed.

4. It really made me sick to pay all this money to make it look exactly the same.

5. I took the dog out last night and it was the most gorgeous sky I had ever seen. I wished I could draw my girls with button eyes and their mouths stitched shut (like Coraline) sitting in the clouds. The sky was the darkest shade of gray - not quite black - with puffy white clouds and a few stars flickering. It looked like an eerie cartoon. I was too intrigued to run up to get the camera and wasn't sure if a picture would come out so I just took a picture with my eyes.

6. Speaking of my girls... I saw these Monster High dolls in Target yesterday - I'm really surprised I didn't get one - I think I may have to next time.

7. My 4 AM greeting... little outstretched paws sharing half my pillow. Only thing cuter is when she stretches the doggy bones. (hmmm - maybe I need a night vision camera.)

8. Someone is going back to her childhood days... Won't part with this toy lately.

9. Those of you that know me well know of my love affair with grocery stores. If I was one to post my woes on Facebook my status would say this: Uggh! Went to the store today... no natural meat, nothing organic worth buying... no one was using reusable grocery bags... not a good shopping trip. Hope Whole Foods comes to sucky Penn Hills or I may just have to go on a hunger strike. LOL ;-) Seriously, though... Oh how I miss my Market District.

10. On a happy note... cake slices make me smile.

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