Thursday, September 30, 2010



That was one of my favorite Doris Day movies... ;-)

Anyway, awhile ago I met an old friend for dinner at Taipai Toyko. We sat up front. I got this fortune in my cookie. I just discovered it down at the bottom of one of the pockets in a tote bag I had.
It's funny how when you get a fortune or a horoscope or read an affirmation that you have this big ah ha moment like - that's it! That's how it shall be! It's a virtual pat on the back - way to go - 'at a boy! I kept it - so it must have meant something to me. But fortunes and affirmations and wishes and thoughts don't mean anything unless you work at achieving it yourself and stop blaming everyone else for holding you back...

My niece played hookie from school last week and came over and we went to lunch... before that we were looking at some of my art (and hers!) and she said "you could totally sell stuff like this..."
I think she may be right... if only I could find my paint brushes! ;-)

On a side note: where did the addition of " bed" at the end of your fortune come from??? ;-)

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