Tuesday, September 28, 2010


1. Figured I should do something with all the stuff I already had: The Wishing Star Party Plans.

2. I really feel bad for people with arthritis... EVERY bone in my body hurts from moving things... even my phalanges. Something isn't making sense here.

3. I still haven't found a storage unit I like and officially have my things in 4 different places...
Again - that making sense thing??? Hmmm...

4. Health scare averted!!! My cousin was a little worried about a test she was asked to come back for but all's well that ends well. I guess my godson has to rely on his dad AND mom to get him to vision therapy and know when to buy school shoes and ok his prom date now. ;-) I had a similar scare last month but it was all in one day and I just had to worry about if my dad knew what dog food to get Lily! ;0)

5. I locked Lily in the car yesterday... both sets of keys AND the puppy dog! She was all strapped in in her seatbelt and just wanted to take a nap... she got a little annoyed with me knocking on the window every minute to make sure she was still conscious while we were waiting for the AAA guy. Here she is giving me her TALK TO THE PAW look.

6. I'm not sure if this is the guy we met in Disney or not but did you hear the owner of the Segway corporation died in a freak accident??? Very sad story but I have to admit (this is terrible) when I heard about it all I could think of was the Price is Right cliffhanger game. I "heard" the yodeling and everything. RIP, Jimi - your Segways were fun.

7. Speaking of #4... Love the Zapata trees.

8. I think LB can use a storage unit of her own...

9. I don't know if it's some sort of facebook ID but if you go to my photos this number always comes up = 1616216122. Thought that was interesting.

10. 1-800-COMCAST and I are getting a little too close for comfort.

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