Thursday, September 23, 2010



I think I may possibly hold the record for the shortest storage rental period ever.

I rented a storage unit around 10:00 AM. By 2:30 PM it was over.

I went home, packed some things and had a whole carload to bring back.

I got to the gate, punched in my code - the little screen said Hi Jeannine DiGioia - you are paid until 10-23-10... thought that was kind of cute.

I drove down the wobbly gravel path to what would now be my home away from home.

and saw this.
and many of his friends and family. They were on the walls, coming over from the other unit and flying in the friggin door.

I literally stood in the middle of this 10 X 15 cubicle crying like a baby imagining coming back in a couple weeks - opening up a box and 400 million trillion of these things all spilling out like a terrible movie.

I know these guys are everywhere and everyone is talking about them... I recently saw my cousin's facebook post - Stink Bugs are the new Kanye West - thought that was funny... Anyway, intentionally putting the majority of my possessions into this garage was a little too much to handle to begin with. Seeing this little bug party in F17 put me over the edge.

Little Stinkers...

Now what?

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