Saturday, April 16, 2016

So, I mentioned that we were going to go to storage before we took a road trip to the Fiesta outlet. The plan was to see what I had. Honestly, I couldn't remember. Well, that never happened.  We decided to stop on our way back. I wanted to grab the boxes and put them in the car to eventually sort through back at the house. We were undecided as to where to go get dinner so we were using that as a stop off to get our thoughts together.

Then all hell broke loose.

We opened one storage door and then the other… I had put stuff from my car into Chrissy's car before we left on our adventure that was going to storage anyway but I didn't want to drive around with it.  They were unloading chrissy's car and I was getting the boxes off the shelves in Dave's unit to put in my car

Then I realized something…

He had most of the dishes.

I really didn't remember that but as I was taking the boxes down - which were all marked, I kept reading serving dishes and tea cups, etc… I'm like, wait a minute, where are all the dishes?

And then I started throwing things.

It was difficult to even get to the shelf and I was trapped on all sides and I couldn't catch my breath and just went on a rampage.  They were (mostly) empty boxes - I think - but I went a little Hulk on everyone.

I loaded the car with what I had  kind of frazzled by the whole experience and was like, jesus christ, we had such a fun day and now, after this, and all these years later and it's like it just happened..

My whole life in storage is a big fucking chaotic mess.

We decided to stay close and go to Burgatory. I think they though I was just hangry and once I ate I would calm down but I pretty much pouted the whole time trying to come up with a color plan to add to the dishes.Three of the four original colors of ours are retired so what's a girl to do?

I was driving back and this Pearl Jam song came on and I seriously had visions of me throwing all the dishes I had in the car out the window as I was riding down the parkway.  I was stopped at the light and was like I'm just going to grab a box and start breaking shit...

I didn't do it - maybe I should have. It's such a good breaking shit song.

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