Saturday, April 23, 2016

Well it's almost a year since we put the fire pit in and we never lit it up! Tonight was just a TR - test run  - with an impromptu hot dog cooking and s'more making. We weren't exactly prepared… I ended up using dead Harry Lauder as kindling!  Thank you HL. May you rest in peace and I hope you don't emit poisonous gas.

This guy got it going… Wahoo!

…and we got some dogs on the barbie…


I still don't trust the pup around the fire. She can't see and she doesn't pay attention and I totally believe she would just jump right in it.

The Dad and the dogs...

Side note - remember the years of the guys eating 5+ hot dogs on a Friday night…  and Aunt Joyce's potatoes with the Old Bay seasoning because of Oprah's chef?!

Anyway, turned out nice. Just have to find some sort of doggy protective suit so she's safe if she jumps in the fire! LOL  I actually found a coat from Japan! It's a real disaster cape for earthquake and fire protection...

I was thinking more like this - that cape doesn't have enough head and tail protection!

She thinks she'll look like a freak and the other animals will tease her for being a pussy so, for now, I'll keep her on a leash.

Is she the cutest lovey dovey or what?

Love The Bud.

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