Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Have you seen this commercial/short film from Lowes? OMG - the heart smoke coming out of the chimney!

You know,  I can choose to not drive by the house when I go to the vet and sometimes I do. It's bittersweet, though, when I don't. As soon as I hit the cobblestone and hear that sound my heart sinks. I was thinking about all the walks with The Bud with the doors unlocked and being so far away from home and the time when DCD had to throw RB in the back of a parked truck because that big pit bull show dog (or whatever it was) up the street came after her - to play. And all of Merry's decorations and the kids in the tree and KoKo banging on the screen door…  I still keep in touch with some of the neighbors. I feel bad for them. It was such a nice street and now all the blinds are disheveled and the house just looks sad. I can't wait for somebody to fix it up.

We were in need of some improvements and were brainstorming - building an addition and having my dad move in... just selling and moving to florida… this was up until the very, very end. That's one of the reasons why everything was a little surprising. It wasn't the best house on the block but it was home and I would walk in the rooms and stop and look with love. And the light - the light in the living room and dining room. I miss the light.

I watched it go from what it was to what it became. Every time I would go back I would kiss the walls and take pics of each of the rooms like a google map vehicle. I have jump drives of all the photos. I wouldn't notice some things until I would download the pics. I saw the framed photos get all turned around - the weekend when JMR was due to visit… and saw the bottles of SEs favorite wine on the counter, and the drum kit MA had to sleep in the room with etc… etc… I saw and documented everything.  Until the last days when it looked like the inside of Journeys of Life - all that was missing was the cash register. Even giant rose quartz couldn't bring it back to life.  Or maybe it was the sage smudging I did just before I left.

It doesn't really matter.

There was love and thought put into everything in there - the paint colors in all the rooms and the flowers outside… and everything in between.  The clouds on the ceiling and the knobs on the laundry room closet doors...

Maybe one day, Dixon House, your rooms will be filled with love again.

I hope so.

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