Thursday, April 7, 2016

I have to say I really haven't followed the last many seasons of American Idol. My dad was always a big fan. We used to watch it over the phone… dave and I would call him and he would tell us who sucked and who was going home… aunt joyce would call… I think I even bought The Dad American Idol cologne!?  All in all, it was a show that brought people together and I'm kind of sad to see it go after 15 years.

I didn't really know who a lot of them were tonight. I always liked Reuben.  The gray haired guy that played at the palace inn reminded me of Matt A and Constatine still seems like a douche…  I can't believe Barbie had such a crush on that Clay.  Where was the kid with the eyeliner?? The other one Barbie loved.  Speaking of eyeliner - the third place one from this season - I don't even know his name… I want to miniaturize him and wear him around my neck. He's a doll baby - never would have won but he's just cute as a button.

I thought the girl was going to win and she probably should have but really - does it really matter? American Idol = Kelly Clarkson and that's how it should remain.

I felt bad at the end. Ryan was sad.  His "FOR NOW" at the end of his goodnight gave America hope for a better tomorrow. Can we really live without Idol? We shall see what the future brings. Cheer up, Ryan. It will be ok.

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