Thursday, April 14, 2016

My goal today was to get shit done. I'm off today, tomorrow, saturday and sunday!!!  I put my after school clothes on last night and felt like it was summer vacation! I did pretty good. I had to wait for Other Tom to come and do some work in the bathroom… I don't know how he managed because the dog was on top of him the whole time.

I SAPed for awhile while I obsessed over how many more globes I can get up here…

And I started the spring lazy susan…have to add some more things. Chrissy went out with Sally today and picked up a candle to add to it… still working on it.

Cindy was off too so we were back and forth texting each other all day and she was telling me about her daughter's chickens. I decided to give my imaginary chicken a middle name. Capon. I know that's kind of sick but I like it.  I sent Cindy a link to Carmella Capon's Pinterest board and a pic of my childhood days in Wildwood and our favorite stuffed capon meal from The Diner.

Lily and I contemplated life and talked about how we missed the light at Dixon House.

I started going through a bunch of papers that have been sitting on the treadmill for quite some time.

…and this…

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