Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So, these dishes. They have been sitting in storage for how long now?  Maybe I should have just left them there!

I have thought long and hard about the additional colors. I don't take this shit lightly. ;-)

I came up with the best combination for me and decided on 6 new colors. Honestly, I wanted to do this a long time ago. Hence the one purple dish we had with the original colors...

Kohl's had them on sale and you could use the 30% off coupon… got a free gift with each set.  I ordered and then they had different free gifts the next day so I ordered them all again.

Half of these are going back.

I took them out of the boxes and checked them and wiped them off and stacked them up.

I stepped back and looked at them.

I smiled and was like look at me and my new dishes!

About 10 seconds later… I was like  - so what?

I talked to Chrissy that night and said I didn't even need these dishes. Why did I even buy them?

I can't even use them until I get a dishwasher because The Dad will break every one in the sink.

She tried to console me and said you'll use them on Fridays, blah, blah blah

I just stood there on the phone looking at them and said - I know. I just thought I'd be happier.

Isn't that just the saddest thing?

Lesson learned... Money can't buy you happiness. It just buys you dishes.

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