Friday, April 15, 2016

TGIF (PA-WV-OH Edition)

It was my pick today.  We went big - as Jeannine always does.

Chrissy met me at Cara's house with Iced Tea in hand…

They jumped in my car and we got ready for our adventure.

I sent this out to the girls last night…

Tudor's Biscuit World, Bitches!

I've only been to the one near Beckley I guess??  I can't remember where we were. We were coming back from a TriLine wedding… anyway, the closest one is in Weirton so that's where we went.

We carried on a little way down the road to here...

The goal was to get to storage before we ventured out there. We never made it but decided to go anyway. Chrissy had called in the morning to see if there were openings on the tour and they said no.  They were calling out names while we were shopping and we looked at each other and, telepathically, I told her to go find out if we could join the tour. She went running and asked if there were any spots. They only had 2 slots but they took all 3 of us! Wahoo!  What a nice tour - we went all through the factory and saw every part.   We got a souvenir plate too!

There's a small museum there with all kinds of stuff…you start and finish the tour there.

And, of course, the store…

Don't they just make you happy?

Even the seconds in their little crates are adorable.

We went a ittle crazy with the $2.00 grab bags.

I got 5, Chrissy got 6 and Cara got 3.

It was all hotel/commercial stuff. LOVE. I was happy with my picks.

I totally forgot about this! I feel like it was somewhere else though. I don't remember it being in the middle of the interchange. I need to research that.

After Fiesta we went to East Liverpool, Ohio. I had gone there with Cindy but wanted to take them to the antique mall.

We stopped at the little cafeteria for chicken and mashed potatoes.

This was on our way back somewhere - Doesn't this remind you of the Fisher Price barn??

I want to live in it!

Obligatory pelo pic.

We stopped in Cranberry on the way back to go to HomeGoods. The whole time we kept saying this was such a fun day.


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