Tuesday, April 5, 2016

That's The Dad's go to saying as of late which is legitimate but it bothers me. He doesn't take into consideration anyone else (particularly me!!!) and that pisses me off to no end. That may sound selfish and inconsiderate on my part. I get that. I don't think anyone knows how I am feeling (that's mostly because I don't say anything)  but let's just say it's not good.  One day I'll regret thinking this and have to come into an empty house but sometimes I think DCD had the right idea... Leave everyone and every thing behind and run off to Hawaii and wine country and go snowboarding and, well - I think you get my point. It's tough when you are the one with all the responsibilities so I haven't figured out how to do that yet but I think about running away - often.

I had to take off yesterday because I had a really bad sore throat and felt terrible. I was already  scheduled off today because I had a dr appointment which I ended up giving to The Dad because he is not doing too well. He can hardly walk and I'm getting very anxious about everything. Not sure if we have to move - he has a difficult time getting in the tub… it takes him, on average, 17 minutes to get down the steps... I time it every morning. I pretty much go to bed when he gets up and I sleep for about an hour or two and then I'm back up monitoring his movements. I might fall back to sleep for 20 minutes or so after that and then I'm back up for work. It's starting to take a toll on me.  And now, I feel cheated because I didn't even get to have my own appointment.

Anyway, I'm working on Friday so Chrissy and I planned to get together today - she had a dentist appointment and I would have had my doctor appointment and we were just going to meet up here and pack up the game room. If I have to sell this at some point I better get moving, right?  Well, The Dad's appointment turned into two and Chrissy came over and packed everything up herself. And brought the pup her Easter gift she forgot the other day…

Those faces on the easter eggs! So cute. Such a lucky pup.

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