Sunday, April 24, 2016

I played the violin for many, many years. I would always go to the shows here with my cousin/godmother, Loretta, and watch the cast come out of the door with their instruments. Some times I wish I would have pursued that. Live theater is still the best and I'm sure is hard work and exhausting and magical.  The cast of The Color Purple and The cast of Hamilton made tributes to Prince. You can view both in this post.

I'm not a fan of this guy but he did Purple Rain justice -  Adam Levine and Train at Howard Stern's 60th Birthday.

And, speaking of violins - this guy - Damien Escobar. Y'all know I don't say awesome very much. I think I have to say it here. He'll be in Pittsburgh in June.

But what may be the best thing ever is Prince's post Super Bowl performance on New Girl. On Demand it if you can or I heard it will be airing again on Tuesday.

I was just talking about his wax figure and wondering what the heck I was looking at here. Rest in peace, Prince.  Nothing will ever compare to you.

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