Friday, October 1, 2010


FIVE ON FRIDAY... {Things I'm going to miss}

The Flower Guy.



My dragonflies and clouds on the ceilings. :-(

Fun at Dixon House.

I made beef stew today... it seemed like the weather for it (though it warmed up a bit today.) The first few minutes were as always with me vowing to myself to immediately become a vegetarian and then the delicious aroma filling the house quickly changed my mind. I remembered and could almost see my mother sitting on the chair peeling potatoes and putting them in water so they didn't turn colors... then I thought of my mother-in-law and her beef stew and those carrots. I remember having it on several occasions - usually with a smaller group. How did she make hers? The smell brought me back to that house that I haven't been in since that day in April. Just wanted to add that I'll miss that too.

The "seahorse" was nowhere to be found tonight! ;-)

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