Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Wasn't it just yesterday that she was just a BABY lily bud?

She was a little teeny tiny thing when we picked her up... we got her at 7 weeks - she probably shouldn't have even left her mother. I think she was under 4 lbs.

She didn't even whimper in the car and came right with us and was happy to be in her new home.

She was super dark for a fawn pug and I didn't like that much and thought she was a misfit.

She was a big kisser from the very beginning. Look how little she was! ;-)

When she was younger she would crinkle her face just so and her markings made a little heart! She's grown out of that now but, really, how cute was that?

She is still way smaller than RoseBud - wish she was even smaller. When I pick her up, though, she seems like a moose. I really need to get her out walking more now that the weather is cool.

She still gives high CINQUEs...
She still takes my shoes and eats them... Every thing I have has the corners bitten off... She still runs away with the toilet paper... She loves to cuddle real close... and the licking - really. needs. to. stop!!!

I was scrambling today to get things done and never got all that I wanted accomplished. Got a little frazzled after the bud's hurried photo shoot when I was only able to download a few of the (let's just say many) photos... I had to work with one that had a bad backdrop and a squished in hat that looks like a funnel and didn't have the cake toy that was in her others... Yes, I'm a freak. I think the heavens may have heard me scream in frustration - not at her... at photoshop and my laptop. I'll have to post the rest of her photos when I can figure all this out. Here's an outtake from my phone to hold you over... ;-)
It took me almost 7 years to get tongue pictures from RB and I have a ton of LB already.

I didn't really get her much stuff b/c she has so much here and at storage and at her old house. Not much of it is really hers - she inherited a lot from her "big sister." I don't think she even has a collar that is her own. Poor child.

She doesn't really have a "thing" that she likes to eat... RoseBud's thing was meatballs. Aunt Gloria has been talking about how fun it was when we took RoseBud to Sonic so - after not making it to the store to get something to make for her birthday dinner - I decided to do just that...
We'll tell you more about that tomorrow... have to get up early so I think it's time for bed.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LILY BUD DIGIOIA... three looks good on you.




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