Thursday, September 1, 2011


"Fluff and fold, buddy. Soon as I make it big, I'm going fluff and fold..." What is with me and St. Elmo's fire quotes? I always think of that when I see a laundromat. I think of Norfolk too... when we were there for a month when The Dad got sick we would go to the laundromat there... and then I think of the best bean soup ever because Ten Top was next door. I could go on... Oh how I love Ghent!

Ok - back to today... crazy day... rainy morning... puppy that doesn't like to get her feet wet... late for my therapist...get there and my meter is broken. Which last time I moved my car and Dr. N said I shouldn't have done that... I'm not a city girl - what do I know!? ;-) This time I stayed and was like screw it - I'll take a ticket. He said good job when I told him and I figured things were going to look up from then on. Not really. I had to pick up Glo's prescriptions so I could fill her pill case since I'm going away this weekend... That turned out better than the last time when I was there for 43 minutes when they gave me Barbara Fraley from Verona's prescriptions and didn't know what to do... Got to her house and she came along to find a laundromat - I was on the hunt for a large washer. I didn't want to go to Penn Hills because I wanted to avoid gun fire. We thought there was one in Oakmont... Of course, we had to go to lunch first - she enjoyed her chicken salad sandwich so much earlier in the week she wanted to go back... so we went to Casey's AGAIN... Even had dessert AGAIN. Then we drove around looking for the laundromat... couldn't find it... went to Verona... couldn't find one... thought there might be one in Harmerville... go back through Oakmont and find it - RIGHT NEXT TO CASEY'S!!! Literally, RIGHT NEXT DOOR. What idiots! Go in and all the big machines are either taken or out of order... Head to Harmerville and finally find one in Cheswick!
Go in and start the washer - which I'm so clueless I had a hard time figuring out which machines were washers and which were dryers... put the money in and turn it on and BANG - lightning and thunder and rain and the power goes off... three times that happened!
It wasn't off for long and then the sun came out and it was about 750 degrees in there. I had to stand the whole time. There was one empty chair but they were wired to the tables.
Really? I am the BIGGEST lover of old, beat up, decrepit chairs but, seriously, the wire was probably worth more than the chair.

I had no idea which coin thing was for which machine for the dryers... the arrows should have been a big clue! Duh?
Glo owned a dry cleaners for many, many years so she was big on the laundry stories... all the Steelers and news people that would come in... all the things they would find in pockets... I heard most of them before. I did hear a new one about how to make your laundry days few and far between... her brother-in-law Elmer (after his wife died) would sleep one week on the left side of the bed and the next week on the right side of the bed... this way he only had to wash his sheets twice a month. She told me he told all his widowed guy friends - Bert and Ernie included - and they all did that!

There are some characters that frequent those places, I must say, but looks like a pretty good business... I despise laundry but maybe the way to make it big is fluff and fold!?!

On a side note - Turners must deliver on Thursdays... I parked behind one in Oakland and saw four other trucks on the road...
Anyway, other people have days like this, right?

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