Tuesday, September 6, 2011



1. I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll... I figured that out this weekend. I don't mind the mix of people or that I kept seeing little wayne everywhere or even the rats... I DON'T LIKE THE PARKING... give me a garage like structure off the street and I would probably be ok... Chrissy could have used one too.
I think I still prefer this or maybe this... I could totally rock the city living and would prefer that for the Lily Bud. She would LOVE taking walks and meeting all kinds of different people! I still, though, wouldn't let her drink out of community dog bowls (ever!) or go to the dog park if big dogs were involved - small dogs only. ;-) Cute sign at the dog park we passed going to love cafe... s street maybe?

2. Lizzie's friend Kate is living in DC now too and Katie (from PSU/Collegian) was up visiting. They came to "help" us unpack. There was a Penn State game on earlier and the big joke was that Kate was in the exact same "condition" we met her in a few years ago during the Cedarbrook move-in. It was hysterical. I was waiting for "unidentified flying objects names Jansport" to fly across the room - she is EXACTLY like Denise... I felt like I went back in time! She kept saying that when she gets older she wants to have a friend like me and chrissy because we laugh and swear a lot. ;-)

3. Along with moving and hauling and putting stuff together on these trips the other thing we do well is go to Target MULTIPLE times and EAT. We went to Acre 121 for lunch with Kate and Katie the first day... and Lizzie went out with them later and slept over Kate's house - so Chrissy and I spent lizzie's official first night in DC in her place WITHOUT her! Where else did we eat??? We went to the DIK in Dupont Circle... the Diner in Adams Morgan... Love Cafe for cupcakes - of course - it's not a trip without cupcakes. Chrissy and I liked the gas station at the corner for drinks - they had lots of Salvadorian? - Equadorian? - Mexican? packaged pastries... I don't know where they were from but a lot involved pineapples and mangos.

4. I would totally want my neighbors to be any of the boys we came across in Dupont Circle... We told Lizzie about our "do you guys want a king size bed?" story after I picked up the Gayborhood brochure when we checked into the hotel in Philly (I still think it was Chrissy's birkenstocks but whatever!) anyway, when we were in the bakery, Lizzie got us a funmap in case we wanted to check things out... If I ever want to move to DC - I'm totally calling this guy and if we weren't so busy I would have gone here to see if we were related!

5. Keith has a lovely little garden going on on his deck.
No biggie that (just to the right of the trellis) this was in the alley below.

6. As the elevator doors were closing - I wasn't fast enough to get a photo of the lady changing her (one of three) kid's dirty diapers in the back of the Target cart in the middle of the store - just wasn't quick enough.

7. Lizzie has a closet like Dixon House!

8. This was our nightly bag packing routine... GPS, keys, phone and charger, map, my paw flashlight and hammer I made in 7th grade metal shop... I SAID I was a little bit country. ;-)

9. We went to see Lizzie's office on monday...
and stopped at a nearby Cosi which was right next to a Panera - that seemed kind of weird... It was years ago (10+ I bet) that we had the smores and I looked it up and now I can't remember if it was a Cosi or a Xando.. same thing - but I'm thinking at the time it was Xando... it's things like this that I hate that I can't remember... though I think that was totally it! XandO - hugs and kisses - it's all coming back to me. Anyway, we just had breakfast at Cosi - no room for smores. ;-(

10. On our way home we made a random stop off in Hagerstown and with a spin of my urban spoon app we came across Georgia Boy Cafe...
shrimp and sausage grits, pulled pork, mashed potatoes and corn, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes and corn muffins.... we had to take the pound cake home. It was a good spin.

11. Something was going on on the other side of the turnpike when we were coming home... it was like a city over there - there were so many lights.
They were at a complete standstill... it finally dawned on me to get on the turnpike website while we were in the car and all I found was something at MP 121 I think... Can't find it now.

12. On one of the many times we went back and forth to Kate's we looked over and saw this...
He had this little pup in a pouch around his neck and every time they would stop he would kiss her.

13. Just a sign I liked.

Besides being a little anxious about where we were going to park all the times we were in and out it was a nice trip. A part of me doesn't envy her and another is a little jealous. ;-) Good luck on your new adventure, Lizzie!

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