Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I just couldn't get it together to have a real party for The Lil Bud. I had to make do. Last minute decision - I loaded the car with her presents and cake and we picked Glo up...
... and went to Sonic. Every time we are at The Mills and pass by she talks about how much fun it was when we took RoseBud... so I thought I would create another memory. I keep thinking that things are going to be the last time, especially for her, so I figured I should do it now... I know that's a strange thought but who knows.

Lily had no idea what was going on or where she was but seemed excited.
Something was up because it was backed up pretty bad and we had a V-E-R-Y long wait and were there for what seemed like forever. Instead of a car full of fussy kids I had one that was barking, one that was shaking his head off and another that was continually talking, even when someone else was talking because she couldn't hear anything... even more so with the barking which led to even more head shaking! I was ready to run out into traffic and hope someone ran me over.

The food finally came... I had to keep an eye on The Dad and what he was trying to give her. Let's just say when I looked through the rear view mirror I saw even MORE head shaking at my little "reminders" on what she should and shouldn't eat.
Lily got a taste of her first (I think) chicken finger - in honor of the RoseBud...Glo told her all about Norfolk and living in a hotel and going to get chicken fingers every night...
I got her apple slices instead of fries. ;-) She also got a tator tot toy in her kids meal.

We went back to Glo's and Lily (out of all the bears and buds she has laying around) went straight for one thing... the bear we got RoseBud on our first trip to the OBX. Already completely frazzled from the whole barking, talking and head shaking thing...that put me over the edge a little. I wondered if RB was reincarnated into LB and she knew that was her toy. I got upset about that.

She opened her presents - yes, she got lottery tickets.

Then it was time for cake... Like any little kid...she couldn't wait for the cake to be cut and just went for it!

While cleaning up and watching a little bit of Dancing with The Stars we noticed the Bud was missing for awhile and figured she was up to no good... Nope - she just went into Aunt Gloria's bed.
I guess now that she's three she needs her alone time. You and me both, Pup. You and me both.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday, puppy dog. ;-) Love The Bud.

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