Friday, September 30, 2011



WOW - I have a multitude of things I can talk about tonight but I have an early morning so I'll make it quick. I felt very empowered going to storage today... Sadly, there is so much more to get out of the house. I'm freaking terribly over the (dis)organization of it all but I just have to get over there and reorganize.
It's strange seeing all the very special things boxed up in random containers... I'm sure I will have to bin everything once I get my act together. ;-)

Someone recently told me I probably have a strange attachment to things because I don't have children - that very well could be... things may have filled my life a little more than most. Yes, there are random papers and unread magazines and books I haven't gotten a chance to read yet and there may be a few things in there that quite possibly could be considered junk - because if you know me well you know I like my rusty junk. ;-) For the most part, though, the boxes and bins are filled with things I love - with memories and moments and stories behind them all.

I'm sure I'll calm down once I get it better organized and, even though I know they will be in there for quite some time, I'm kind of looking forward to giving these things a new home.

On my way there a thought crossed my mind - not related at all to bins or boxes or junk. I think I have a really good show idea that I'm completely astonished doesn't already exist. If I can get it to the right people it could be big and I think I know exactly the right person to start with. Stay tuned - pun intended.

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