Tuesday, September 13, 2011



1. I never saw this at the time but this commercial aired only once - after September 11th.

2. I really want to see Contagion but no one will go with me. ;-( Though I really think evil doers could do something in random theaters...Maybe I'll wait until it comes on HBO or one of the other channels and watch it at home.

3. Look how cute The Lily Bud was when she was a little puppy! And to think she was so dark I wanted to send her back!

4. I have so many books - most are art books or fertility books... I have stacks of them - still unread... along with all my many magazines. I have a friend that can totally get consumed in a book - I just can't do that. Not that I ever did. I just find it amazing when people can escape in a book. My attention is terrible. I do like the title of this one though.
It is a story of a young girl that can literally taste the feelings of those that prepare her food. Sounds interesting. I don't know any more about it or the author - I just liked the title.

5. This story was terrible... I saw on the news the workers were on the fence and in trees crying b/c they couldn't get to them... and I didn't know that about the prairie dogs... sad. ;-(

6. Supposedly true...

7. I don't want a divorce - I always will say that. I know there is nothing I can do, though, to stop it. My husband (and god knows who else) thinks all these things about me that are incredibly false. I'm angry that we didn't go to marriage counseling to at least talk these things out in a real way - not even to prevent a divorce - just to get it all out there... and feel that sense of closure I have been asking for and need.

8. There is a meditation with doors that I like... I have a nice collection of doors growing over here.

9. Did you see the British survey that said Facebook ranks #5 in things people couldn't live without? More people would rather live without a shower (#13)... flushing toilet... (#9)... shoes... even food... than Facebook. Sunshine was #1 followed by the internet, clean drinking water and the fridge - then Facebook at #5. Complete list of 50 in this article.

10. From handz...
"I love you like a fat pug loves cake."

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