Sunday, September 25, 2011



Glo has been on this kick to "get rid" of all her stuff... papers, jewelry, etc... I guess it's like "nesting" when you are having a baby... it's just at the other end of the road. I went over yesterday to fix her pill box and she gave me the first round of things to look into for her... a lot of coins from all over the world from when Uncle Norman was in the war... some rings that no one claimed when they had the dry cleaners... some trinkets and religious medals...a lot of engraved stuff - a watch face from Uncle Norman's parents to him when he turned 16... cuff links, etc... a few of her watches that I thought were just junk but turns out they are all gold.

I have as much as she has and more... my mother's stuff... my dad's... mine... The other day when we were leaving for columbus I went in my jewelry box (which used to be my mother's) to find a pair of earrings. I don't go into that one very often. I never change my earrings and only wear my studs. They fell off the table one day and the lily bud ate one. Well - she didn't eat it - she chewed it up and spit it out. It's all there but the setting is a little crumpled. I found a pair of gold hoops with little pigs on them that I haven't worn in a long time and thought I would try something different. I looked like a hooker - not that I know any hookers that would wear piglet hoops but you know what I mean... I'm used to my studs and nothing was going to work. I ended up choosing gold starfish and, actually, I felt dumb in those too. Though mermaids came to mind instead of hookers so I felt a little better.

There's just so much stuff... mother's wedding rings, my grandmother's, baby bracelets, a tri-color gold necklace my mother-in-law bought me just because - I still remember that and that was like 20 years ago...a bunch of rings and earrings from David... the mickey mouse ring he got down on one knee and promised forever with. It's so tiny. I always thought that ring would be held by our baby in his or her first photo. It all started with a mouse. Funny, isn't it?

Glo's right - I mean what do you do with all of this stuff?

I don't think I can deal with mine right now. I do think I'm keeping one of Glo's watches... I turned it over and it had their initials and date on it - "NAF to GMF 1947" I called her and said I didn't think I could get rid of that one and she told me to just keep it and when I wear it to remember her.

I guess when all the silver and gold and diamonds are gone - that's all we can do... remember.

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