Sunday, September 18, 2011


Chrissy and I left Friday for Columbus... This was the first trip in a long time that didn't involve packing or unpacking a hookah!

We went here...
We got there in time to do a little bit of the fair and get some Jeni's ice cream...
Milkiest chocolate in the world and salty caramel!

I found out about the Short North Art District (yes - I totally want to move there now!) and we went here for dinner.
I had the mac and cheese...
...and Chrissy got the meatloaf....
We also got the afternoon delight.
She remembered about a cream puff email I sent her... I totally forgot it was in Columbus! We headed over to the German Village to go to Schmidt's Sausage Haus and Restaurant. Full from dinner we just went for the 1/2 lb cream puffs I saw on an episode of Man vs Food. She got vanilla and I got chocolate - inside was delicious - outside... surprisingly, not so good but still well worth the trip.
Everything on the menu sounded good and the buffet looked yummy - we caved and got the pretzels which were fantastic.
It's Oktoberfest next weekend and I totally want to go back. And just for the record - all the bad things I ever said about GPS - I take them back. ;-)

We got an early morning start for a full day of the fair on Saturday.
I think I could be in this Earth Angels tent next year... not sure if I want to but just saying. ;-)
Cheryl Kuhn from small stories studio was doing a demo so I got to ask her about the adhesives she uses in her assemblages so I was happy about that and learned some new techiques.

It was an exhausting day. Lots of walking... more food... more ice cream...
...the chocolate was so good I had to get that again with brown butter almond brittle this time.

I didn't really buy much at all - I spent a whopping $14.75 on crafts and that included $11 for two bags of mica I need for a snowman project I want to make. I did come out of there very inspired so all in all it was a good thing.

I have to say it was a little bittersweet... two years ago TODAY, actually, I walked through those fair gates with my husband. It's kind of funny with Chrissy because she has the same car packing skills and map reading knowledge he does... and controls my ADD tendencies to run off to another booth when something catches my eye. She checked off the map so we wouldn't lose our place.
I'm not good at order when it comes to things like that.

I got a little sad when I came across this booth though.
I wonder if he remembers that. I did get a little upset when I saw all the husbands there supporting their wives in their booths too - working the cash box and helping with the displays. It was cute and sad to me.

My favorite purchase was this little reproduction bingo card for 75 cents. They had all different words on them... faith, love, pray, etc... this one spoke to me...
...because I'm missing home and don't have one and everything else that goes along with that. I don't know what I'm going to make with it yet but I can say that about a lot of other things in my life... so I'll leave it at that.

Anyway - it was fun, Columbus! I'm adding you to my places to move to list.

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