Monday, September 19, 2011



Lily got a bath tonight... she didn't like it much.
By much - I mean, basically, NOT AT ALL!
This was the most difficult bath so far... David was always way better at making up silly songs for the puppy dogs. She didn't like my "let's get the soapy on" cheer and gave me the CLAW.
...and the OK - I'm clean ENOUGH - get me out of the damn tub NOW look!
She doesn't get all crazy like RoseBud did when she gets out... no jumping on the bed and knocking all the pillows down for this little pup and she HATES the hair dryer. RoseBud was really unusual and didn't mind it at all.
Looks like I'm going to be going to bed with a semi-wet dog tonight.

It's worth it though - she's all fresh and clean for her entry into her third year. It's technically her birthday right now!!! 1:15 am and I have NO gifts, no photos taken, the house needs cleaned, I don't know what she's having for her birthday dinner... I'm slipping BAD.

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