Tuesday, September 27, 2011



1. What's up with everyone freaking over the new facebook design? Talk about people not liking to be out of their comfort zone. It's a little change - roll with it. With that said, read this - Top Five Things People Like To Write on Someone's Facebook Wall. ;-)

2. Another pug that is not too crazy about taking a bath - found this little guy on Pinterest. So cute!

3. There was a house on florida ave that had a kitchen nook like this...
The house was small but had some nice features and a couple pocket doors. I often think of that house.

4. Lily won $6.00 on her birthday lottery tickets.

5. What is up with me and the praying mantis? I came home Friday night and let Lily out and one was climbing up the wall near the door and yesterday I had a dream about a very large one I found and let loose in a field behind a car dealership. It was like the size of a tiger and I don't know what the car lot had to do with anything!

6. Lily gets mesmerized by the apple on my laptop... and then she starts (mean) barking at it.

7. I contacted the people at RePurpose about 6 months ago and they sent me some info. Last month they contacted me to see if I was still interested. A part of me wants to do it and another thinks it may be too much to handle. I need to think about that more.

8. I always wipe the dust off the eyes of this bear when I go to Glo's... does anyone else think it's weird that she puts her toothbrush face DOWN in the holder? Or does everyone do that? I keep telling her that's strange but she doesn't seem to care. ;-)

9. Just saying...

10. Lily got a new toy today from David. I know she liked it because she immediately took it under the table where all her favorite things go.

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