Tuesday, October 2, 2012


TOT - TEN ON TUESDAY (randomness)

1. Found these when I was looking through Lily's puppy pics... RoseBud on the left with the blue blanket and Lily on the right with the pink blanket. Both in the car on their first ride home. 
They look like little Gremlins. ;-)
2.  I had to leave Glo this morning to meet The Dad at his 3 1/2 hour eye appointment to schedule his cataract surgery... I thought she did ok... sounded great on the phone when I checked in and was ok when I got back to meet her nurse... he left and she went in the kitchen and asked if she still had a freezer because she's been looking for it all day! WTF?

3. yes.
4. Saw these guys in B&N... there are so many of them!

5. I need a massage and a reflexology appointment and an arm transplant STAT! My hand feels like it's going numb now!

6. Do you know where this is?  IKEA - (kitchen section) very much under construction.
7. Who needs Golden Almond Bars when you have Molasses Paddles?  Actually, I really like Golden Almond Bars.
8. True that...
9. Now that's a happy little tree!
10. Paws down - this puppy is the best snuggle puppy in the whole wide world. ;-)

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