Tuesday, October 16, 2012



1. This little boy was the cutest thing ever... In between petting The Bud he would comment on all of the costumes during the contest at the pug meetup. - "OMG - that is the most adorable costume ever..."  "That pug is just darling..." I loved him.

2. Not one minute after I got back to Glo's the other night Babe called and told me to come up for homemade pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream... wouldn't have been bad but it was after midnight.  I don't even like ice cream or pie - it was delicious, though, and she has a big fascination with pumpkin!

3.  So I take her "my door is always open for you" doesn't apply now?!?

4. I had to pull in here and take a picture of this sign which pisses me off.  I hope to God there is a stray N on Freeport Road somewhere.

5.  Did I mention I pinned my 10,000th pin on Pinterest the other day?  If I didn't - I did. Some pinning fun here. ;-)

6. I can't watch Let's Make a Deal without thinking of this waiting room.

7.  Babe called to see if she could come down to watch the debate tonight... She was telling me all about President Hoover and the soup lines and President Roosevelt... I wish I would have recorded her and her commentary... "Sit down you damn prick" was the most used phrase, I think.  She's not a Romney supporter - that's for sure. She gave up with five minutes left and said she didn't want to watch it anymore... she said she was going back upstairs to watch her dvr of Sons of Anarchy. ;-)

8.  Christmas is coming...

9. Personally, I'm a big fan of the binder. I have binders full of all kinds of stuff.

10.  Pug Avengers clip here... very cute.

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