Friday, October 5, 2012


I took my chances and left Glo alone at The Dad's to take him to work so I could use his car - she was sleeping so I figured it wouldn't be too bad. I told her what was going on the night before and hoped that she remembered. I didn't want to leave The Bud with her in fear of her getting under foot and tripping her and of Glo opening the door and Lily getting out (reminiscent of RB in OBX) and running into the street. There was all kinds of "Perkins" going on the other day...  I was doing laundry and I heard the alarm chime go off on the front door... Glo ran down the steps to a get a package from the UPS man.  I ran up the steps like a bat out of hell and saw her holding the door open. The Bud didn't go out but she could have. Therefore, we ended up with notes all over the house... like this one.
And a little pup going for an early morning ride. She is the best bye bye in the car rider EVER!

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