Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I met Paula and Chrissy for lunch today and was running really late to get to The Bud... I was going to just skip it because I knew I would only have a few minutes because I needed to get back for Nurse Barry. I'm glad I didn't. Little Miss Pug-ett was sound asleep but as soon as she got up she started howling and running around getting all her toys out. She fell over a few times trying to climb me. I don't know why she was so excited. I think she misses me! I told Barry I was sorry I was late - I had to play frisbee with my dog - he probably never heard that excuse before!

I was on the phone with my cousin when her brother-in-law called and said his dog just got out and attacked and killed an innocent little dog that was on a walk with it's person.  Rest in peace, poor little pup. ;-( I started thinking about all the walks with RB. Now I'm all freaked out and don't want to take Lily anywhere again...

Here's how I found my Little Bud when I walked up the steps...

I bet she was dreaming the dreams doggies dream.  ;-)

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