Thursday, October 25, 2012



I've been visiting these nursing homes... they are reminding me of a kennel or rescue for unwanted parents and grandparents.  I walk by and they come to their doors... like a little pup with it's nose to the window - just happy to see a new person.  The other day I was waiting in the lobby to talk to a manager and someone came in with a baby... they put him on the floor and he crawled over to the middle of the room... you never saw motorized scooters and wheelchairs go faster... they all gravitated to this baby and just stopped and stared.  It was intriguing and creepy.  The manager said they do that when a dog comes to visit too!  Often you see two names on the door... a husband and wife... at first glance I thought it was really sad... here are these two people spending their last years in one room probably paying 10 times what their mortgage was in their home.  Then I thought - at least they're not alone.

I just realized, right now, today would have been my parent's 43rd anniversary.

I guess I can add another one of my favorite posts here... IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH.

oh and note to self - stop watching these damn hallmark movies. ;-)

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