Sunday, October 7, 2012


Needle wanted me to take some time to acknowledge what an accomplishment I made... getting through radiation and everything prior to that pretty much alone.  One of the ladies I made friends with made note that we were the only ones (within the hour or so of our appointment times) that didn't have someone that came with us. I did have a lot of people cheering me on. I didn't really think it was a big deal... I'm used to doing things by myself, but I get it. I appreciate everyone's compliments on how well I did and how good I look... I just don't feel the need to pat myself on the back for doing what I had to do.  I mean - whether I liked it or not - it needed to be done. There was no choice but to make it work.

I'm not saying that it was easy... I was beating myself up a bit the other day when October rolled around and I was like where the hell did the year go?  Chrissy had to put some things into perspective... I was diagnosed in March... had a bazillion tests in April... Two surgeries within two weeks in May... Recovery in June and July and Radiation in August and September...and now it's October - so there's the year. (FYI - 77 days until Christmas!)

Anyway, not that I like the situation - or situations - that I'm in... it just goes back to the same thing...

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