Friday, April 12, 2013


Glo can't seem to figure out what's up with her socks... she doesn't realize the gripper socks are for when she does NOT have shoes on... so 9 times out of 10 she usually looks like this - socks, grippers, shoes!

I haven't been able to make it up there because I've been feeling so sick and still don't have the car back so she's been calling me from the nurses station... she refuses to have a phone of her own so that's the only option. When she wants me she has to have the nurse call.  Anyway, she asked if I was coming up and said if I wasn't she was going to bingo! She was a winner...

The "gift shop" is actually a glass doored cabinet in the lobby that sells candy and other junk. She usually doesn't go to the activities because she said they are just full of old people in their carts (wheelchairs) and they all have weird expressions on their faces.

I forgot that the monthly birthday party was this week.  She told me they came to the room and got her and they were introduced by birth date and then they had soft drinks and cake.  She said the cake was good but she was surprised because she didn't realize it was her birthday. She said she thought it was Christmas soon.

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