Saturday, April 20, 2013


We walked into Glo's yesterday and we got the usual greeting - I'm so glad you girls are here - I hate it here - can you get  me out of here. Morning, noon or night... she's usually in the dark. No tv on... no lights... just sitting there waiting for the medication cart to come.  Her roommate is really nice but she sleeps a lot - like all the time. There are a couple ladies down the hall that she kind of made friends with but she's still not that social or interested in doing any of the activities.  We were talking and she asked what we were doing and if she could just come with us... she said she wanted to get out of there for awhile so we thought we could take her to get ice cream or something... I went down to the nurses and cleared everything with them... Five minutes later I got back to the room and told her to get dressed - she's always in capri pants so I told her she needed to put long pants on.  She said she didn't want to go anywhere now because it was too windy. We're starting to think she's just saying she wants out when she really doesn't and she's just, basically, saying it to say it... I think she thinks she's going to get in trouble if she's not there too... We took her down to the big room on the first floor and played cards for a little while instead of going anywhere... I think she liked the change of scenery but you can tell she was anxious to get back up to the room. I know it can't be easy... living in close quarters... most of your belongings are gone.. grieving for the life you once had.  Wait. Mmmm. Nevermind. Sometimes I think I would enjoy the routine and structure and do you know - you could get mashed potatoes every day if you want to? Every. Friggin. Day.  Sounds pretty good to me. ;-)

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