Tuesday, April 16, 2013


If you ask The Glo-worm when her birthday is she always says April 16, 1928 but she really didn't know it was "today." She seemed a little surprised that we were there to go to lunch.  We got there and she told me to write how old she was inside one of her cards so she would remember.

We opened gifts before we left. Out of all the gifts she opened she started crying when she looked in this bag.

This bear was inside... I took a little video - watch here.

Five years ago RoseBud collapsed in my arms on Glo's birthday.  We were having a big party for her 80th birthday a few days later.  She didn't mention that today but she always used to.... that little bugger died on my birthday!  Anyway, these bears were her centerpieces for her party tables...  when we were packing up her things from her apartment I kept this one out to give to her today.  She didn't remember it from the party. She's been saying that she hasn't been able to cry - for years.  I'm not sure what made her cry today when she saw it. She couldn't really explain.

I've been asking her for weeks where she wanted to go to lunch... All I knew was she didn't want pasta!  I asked if she wanted Chinese - she said she's never had Chinese food before (she has) or if she wanted a hamburger from Burgatory - she said she likes hamburgers but hasn't been there (we've been there a zillion times!) Then she said she wanted to go where she got those crab cakes so we went to Walnut Grill.  We were there after an appointment awhile back and she kept asking for more like she was in a crab cake eating contest!  She ordered two right off the bat today... This was her I'm so excited it's my birthday and I'm eating crab cakes face! ;-)

We were going to go to Glen's for ice cream but they brought her a pecan ball after lunch so we skipped it...

We probably should have skipped the baby pies at Oakmont Bakery too!

We got back to her room and someone (not sure who) tied a balloon to her chair.  Whether you remember it's your birthday or not I guess they're good words to live by... it's not the years in your life - it's the life in your years!  Who's counting?!?  Happy Birthday Glo!

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