Monday, April 29, 2013



I got a call this afternoon that there was an incident with Aunt Gloira... A women must have wheeled herself into Glo's room and told her she had to pee... Glo got mad and started yelling at her that she was in the wrong room... This happens quite often.  All the rooms pretty much look the same and a lot of the residents get a little confused. Glo thinks everyone is in there to do harm and gets really mad when someone screws up and comes in. The other day I had to get her next door neighbor out - he kept accusing her of getting in his bed... When she was on a different floor a man kept creeping into rooms and she said he was hovering over her while she was sleeping.  I'm sure that was creepy.  She kept saying that he was in there to rape her. I think he just got lost. Anyway, I guess she kept going to the nurses station today and told them how mad she was over this lady coming in and that her roommate keeps her up because she calls the nurses all the time. She said she hates it there and wants to leave and that she just wants to "go hang herself."  Yes. Go. Hang. Herself. Apparently, she said this right when a surveyor from the Department of Health was walking down the hall doing an assessment for something else!!!  Sooooooo - they had to call the re:solve crisis network to bring a team in... and guess who is on a 24 hour suicide watch?!?!?  Yep, The Glo-worm.  The nurses know it was her dry sense of humor but still... They have to go in every 30 minutes and check her mood and behavior. I should have just stayed with Lizzie.

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